Final Submission

Final Submission

Please follow the instructions below carefully in the preparation of your paper for final submission to ROBIO 2013, before November 15, 2013. As indicated in the acceptance email if you are accepted by ROBIO 2013, for proper submission, four items should be included in the package for your final submission:

  1. Your manuscript source file in word or latex
  2. Your manuscript in PDF
  3. Confirmation email from IEEE PDF eXpress of your file’s Xplore compliance,
  4. The completed IEEE copyright form, and
  5. A one-page PPT slide for your paper in Conference Digest using this template.

Final Paper Format Guideline

Please follow the guidelines at http://www.robio2013/submission/

Video clip Option

You also have the option to attach a video clip to your accepted paper. The video clip must be in mpeg format and its size should be less than 5MB. Please note, however, that this video clip will only appear in conference proceedings but will NOT be submitted to IEEE for publication.

IEEE Xplore Compliance

For your paper to be included in ROBIO 2013 Proceedings, its PDF file must be IEEE Xplore compliant. You should login to IEEE PDF eXpress using the conference ID, 31540X, to check for this. After your paper passes the compliance test, a confirmation email will be sent to you. You must submit this email as one of the items in the final submission. For general instructions on how to use PDF eXpress, refer to this instruction page.

IEEE Copyright Form

Authors of an accepted ROBIO paper must submit an IEEE copyright form before the paper can be published in ROBIO 2013 Proceedings. Since the past ROBIO conferences, ROBIO 2013 has registered to use the new IEEE Electronic Copyright Form (eCF) service. IEEE Electronic Copyright form can be accessed by the following steps:

  1. Login the Final Paper Submission site with your paper passcode listed in your acceptance letter.
  2. Click the link marked “Please Click here to submit IEEE Copyright information”. You are then directed to the IEEE Electronic Copyright Form website.
  3. Make sure that the listed paper information is correct and click the Next button.
  4. You are then in the “IEEE Copyright Form Wizard” page. Answer the questions listed by clickingYes/No button and the wizard will guide to the appropriate version of the IEEE Copyright Form. Click the Next button to get the next question.
  5. After the wizard completes the task, you will be directed to a filled IEEE Copyright Form. Read the form carefully and make sure that the information listed in the form is correct.
  6. Sign the form by typing your name at the bottom of the form and click the Submit button.
  7. Click the Download button to download the signed copyright form (in PDF).
  8. Click on the Return button and go back to the paper submission site for camera-ready paper upload.
  9. Remember to upload the signed copyright form (in PDF) as one of the items in the final submission.
  10. You will also receive an email from IEEE Electronic Copyright Service with the signed copyright form (in PDF format) as attachment.

Final Uploading

Once the four items above have been prepared, please visit after November 1, and login with your passcode for the actual final submission.


Please find the registration information here.

Poster Session

If you have been approached to prepare a poster for the conference, please download the template and use either one to prepare the poster, then email it to
Robio2013 will produce final hard copies of all poster papers in a unified style.

Please find the Poster Template1. Poster Template2.